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Accupack Midwest can handle all of your contract packaging needs under one roof. We specialize in Contract Packaging and Filling of Health & Beauty, OTC, Pet Care & Household Products.

Finding Your Product Vision

The first thing we need to do is find out what you want your product to be. In most cases we will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect both parties. After that a sales representative will contact you to learn the various aspects of your product. Is this an existing product? Is this a new product? What are your target demographics? Do you have samples of your product? These are some of the basic questions.


Once we have an idea of what your product vision is we move to our lab for the formulation of product samples for you to approve. You can choose from one of our stock formulas, we can formulate a custom product at your direction or blend your existing formula at our facility.
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Labeling & Packaging

After the product formula is approved we need to select a package. Bottle? Tube? Jar? Stick? Do you need a retail POP display? Blister or Clam Shell? Do you need you package labeled? We have plenty of options for you to choose from and decades of experience on what works best. You can also purchase the packaging on your own but we prefer to approve it before heading to production. We can also design and source you labels if you would like.
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Once all components are in our facility we can begin the production phase. We mass produce the sample that you approved with the utmost care to our FDA and GMP quality control standards. We run various quality control checks on all incoming raw materials, after the compounding process, during the process and on finished product.
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After the product has passed all required FDA and GMP tests we are ready to fill the product into your package. We have the capability to fill from 2 grams to 1 gallon, depending on the density of the product. This is also where the product is coded, sealed and packed into shipping boxes and palletized for shipping. We can also provide the entire order in 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon pails if you would like.
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Accupack Midwest has a great location for shipping product since we deliver to 72.4% of the US population in 2 days or less on a standard freight service.

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